Welcome to Beadstreet

We have moved! Find us at 126 1st Avenue, Bredell, Kempton Park, Gauteng – Find Us on Google Maps

Your first stop for all beads and jewellery making supplies! We offer a large selection of beading material, accessories as well as mosaic and beading classes! Our shop is located in peaceful location with plenty of parking space and shade.

Bead & beading accessories of different shapes, sizes and colours are acquired on a regular basis.

We also stock a wide and beautiful range of glass beads, Indian metal pressings, castings, crystal sliders, and other beading accessories for jewellery making as well as a variety of beading books.

Classes are also available! As more and more people want to practice the hobby of jewellery making we give classes for Beginners and the more Advanced in the making of stunning fashion jewellery and watches.

There are many uses of coloured and non-coloured beads and they can be used for artwork and personal items. Whether they are glass, crystal, clay or wooden, they have a rich history and have been used for body adornment throughout the ages to add colour to bracelets, earrings, ankle chains, necklaces, rings, and many items of clothing and bridal wear.